Braun All in One Trimmer 3.

How Much?

The Braun All in one Trimmer 3, 7 in 1, Beard, Hairstyling & Clean Shave, cost me €59.95, purchased from Boots in Dundrum Shopping centre, Dublin

WHY The Braun All in One Trimmer 3?

Otherwise know as a Hair Clipper, this became an essential purchase during the Covid lockdown. I have had various versions of these down the years and all of them have been disposed of without my knowledge, possibly due to the Uncle Fester look they tend to produce.

What’s in the Box?

Braun All in One Trimmer 3

Why do they say 7 in 1 ?

  1. Stubble, 1 or 2 mm (the 2 pieces above the unit)
  2. Short Beard 3-11 mm (the piece to the right of the unit)
  3. Long Beard 13 – 21 mm (the piece to the right of the short beard one )
  4. Precision Trimming (The piece to the right of the long beard one)
  5. Contour edging (the unit itself and/or the razor)
  6. Clean shaving (The razor)
  7. Hair clipping, 3 to 21 mm (the 2 pieces beside the unit (again)

The Choice

Firstly, let me say there wasn’t many to choose from, these have become very popular lately. I noticed a bit of price gouging on Amazon (one unit that had been selling for €12 was now €40). Similarly in Mc Cabes Pharmacy in Dundrum there was a very lightweight unit (Iross brand?) selling for €60 along with the overpriced “Babyliss Crew Cut” for €99, I was beginning to feel this purchase wasn’t happening and the Yeti was for real.

Why This One?

  • I wanted a clipper with a long comb, normally the longest cut on these things is 16mm (The Fester Look) this one offered a 21mm comb which I hoped would be more acceptable.
  • Rechargeable, I tend to do this job myself so no cable is a big benefit
  • Stainless steel blades, some come with a ceramic blade, I’ve had these in the past and found them useless.
  • Braun, Ive sold their shaving products in a previous life and always regarded the brand highly

The Result



Ok, so there’s not a big difference, probably not a bad thing, remember I’m trying to avoid the Fester look.

Any Cons?

  • Including the razor is a bit of a gimmick, it comes with one blade , these are very expensive to replace and the purpose of it’s inclusion is purely to hook you into further purchases.
  • The Blade on the unit could be a little wider, previous units I’ve had did and these were much easier/quicker to use, its probably more suited to beards.


Overall I’m happy with my purchase, I normally pay €20 a pop for a cut so a third of the purchase price is accounted for already, by the time the Barbour opens again it’ll have paid for itself and who knows? Maybe I’ll never look back.

Hopefully this helps somebody considering purchasing a Hair clipper?

Thanks for reading


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