Useful Covid19 Sticker for Taxi: “Please sit in the back seat”

I decided there is no point in having a “sneeze guard” between the front and back seats and to then have someone sit in beside me. So I ordered this Covid19 Sticker for Taxi from :

Covid19 Sticker for Taxi
Covid19 Sticker for Taxi

Get Your Covid19 Sticker for Taxi

Click – Template for the above sticker to order the sticker for your Taxi

Cost and Delivery

Cost: To order a single Sticker on it’s own costs $10.50 which is rather expensive, however I needed more than one which brings down the costs substantially. I guess the best idea is to gather together a few pals and order as many as possible?

Delivery: I have ordered product on numerous occasions from MakeStickers,com and although it can take a while (two weeks) they never let me down. This time however when the Stickers hadn’t arrived three days after the the specified date (via USPS) , I emailed them to find out the reason, they apologised and sent out a new shipment via FDS. These arrived in two days, It seems the original shipment is lost.

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