"The Sevre"

The Great Incognito Art Sale 2020

The Sale

The highly successful Incognito art sale 2020 offers postcard sized pieces of original art for just €50 each. All of the Art is worth at least the purchase price. Some are by renowned artists such as Tracy Emin , Peter Curling, Martin Gale, Ruthie Ashenhurst, Martin Mooney, Maser, Mick O’Dea, Vincent Devine and Victor Richardson. Other pieces are by famous faces such as Bono and Bruce Springsteen. the catch is that the Artists name is not revealed to you until you receive it.

Part one of this years sale was held on April 24 and most who wished to purchase a piece were left disappointed. Part 2 will take place May 28, If you would like to be one of those likely to succeed … please read on.

My Purchase

I purchased artwork called “The Sevre” by the renowned artist Victor Richardson. He is an artist I admire but could not previously afford to own. His work regularly sells for between €800 and €2000. Whilst I will never sell it is nice to know it should be appreciating in value

My Picture

Incognito Art Sale 2020
“The Sevre” by Victor Richardson

How To : Step 1

How should you go about ensuring you have the best chance of securing your chosen piece of art in the next sale?

  1. Visit Incognito website and register an account.
  2. Make sure you add your address to your account.
  3. Have a credit card memorised in the browser’s system
  4. Know the 3 digit number on the rear of your card
  5. Choose your favourite Artworks and list them in order of preference

How To : Step 2

The Artwork will go on sale at a set time on a set day, you will have 3 minutes from the time you select your artwork to the time you complete the purchase, if the purchase is not complete in the set time it will go to the next person in line.

I logged into my account the evening before the sale and opened a tab in my browser for each piece I liked in the order of preference, the sale was to begin at 10 am, my daughter tried to log on at 9:30 am and was told that the site had reached it’s maximum number of visitors (15,000), so you can see you need to be prepared if you want to succeed as there are potentially 100’s going for your desired piece at the same time, your best hope is that they haven’t prepared as well as you.

I refreshed my browser at 9:59am and then saw the cart icon and added my first two choices, by the time I had checked out, one had been sold but thankfully the other was mine, I then proceeded through my other choices and all were gone, I then went through the artwork that was left and each one was sold before I could make a purchase, I later discovered the entire 1817 pieces had sold out in less than 15 minutes.

How To : Step 3

If you would like to get hold of one of the more established Artist’s pieces you look up any news items about the sale. These will mention the famous amongst those contributing, for example one of Bono’s pieces will be in the second sale. Look at their work online and decide if you like them, then try to find similarities in the artwork presented. (normally it is available to view 2 weeks from the time of sale) Hopefully you can match a piece with your desired artist.

Good luck!


PS. I was unsuccessful in part 2 of the sale, I think it was because my Daughter was purchasing using the same IP and that wasn’t allowed?

Please leave a comment if you have any questions

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