Titan Gaming chair

Secret Labs, Titan Gaming Chair.

How Much?

This chair cost €439, bought directly from the Secret Labs website and it was worth every cent.

Secret Labs, Titan Gaming Chair

Why Buy this Chair?

Primarily this chair is about comfort and quality. If you spend a lot of time at a desk, not necessarily gaming because I certainly don’t, then this is the chair for you.

  • PU Leather .. Strong and durable, cool to the touch and very comfortable
  • Cool cure foam, offers fantastic comfort and great support, achieves a firmness that feels good and is beneficial for posture.
  • Multi Position Armrests, Left, right, angled left, angled right, forwards, backwards, up, down, adjust each armrest to have it suit your exact support needs without risk of carpal tunnel.
  • Multi-tilt Mechanism. lying back or sitting straight this chair adapts to your preference easily.
  • Lumber support and memory foam pillows, obviously!


Buy one!

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