MXG Atos 50 Pcs Pack Quality Surgical Face Masks 3 Ply – 3 Layers

Why Buy Surgical Face Masks?

Covid19. We’ve been advised to wear Surgical Face Masks in enclosed areas. I prefer the idea of a disposable mask rather than a reusable one. I don’t know how many of the reusable masks I’d need.? They have to be washed after every use at 60 degrees?


They were €18.40 (for 50) (delivered to a UK address), I had to use Parcel Motel to get them to an Irish address. This added an extra €3.95 to the cost. Works out at about 45c each

Where to Buy

Why These

There are so many to choose from. In the end I tried to go for:

Value: (some are outrageously priced, whereas others seemed far too good to be true).

Wearability: I wanted something that looked easy to put on and hopefully comfortable. These have simple elasticated straps that go behind the ear, are reasonably soft and the nose wire moulds to facial contours.

In Stock: Many of the Masks I looked at had extended delivery times or no availability.


Excellent, they arrived in 3 days, I believe Amazon are prioritising “essential” items.


I got what pretty much I wanted. I now just have to get used to the idea of wearing them out and about. This along with the sneeze guard should keep me fairly safe

Surgical Face Masks
Surgical Face Masks
2 vacuum sealed packs with 25 in each

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